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Car Alarm Speaker  (YS100)
Popular Horn Speaker-100 watt for use on Police car,Ambulance,Fire engines and other emergency vehicles,etc.
100-Watt Siren Speaker
Best siren speaker 100-watt YS100-3 is one of our popular speaker to European countires.
Compact Size Horn Loudspeaker  (YS-100D)
The horn loudspeaker YS-100D is a compact size, high performance speaker.
Emergency Car Speaker ( YS100-1)
High-power 100 watt output emergency car speaker.
Stainless Steel Alarm Horn Speaker (YS100-5)
Powerful 100-Watt output Alarm Horn Speaker YS100-5 is a high quality speaker with weather-proof housing resists corrosion.
Heavy Duty Car Speaker (YH-150)
Powerful sound, all-weather nylon composite/ ABS black housing with front loaded for heavy duty, emergency vehicle.
High-power 200-Watt Horn Speaker (YS200)
Quality horn speaker YS200 is a high-power speaker with 200-watt. 8 ohm or 11 ohm are available for emergency vehicle.
Police Siren Speaker  (YS100-9)
Compact size, high performance siren speaker YS100-9 is a regular speaker with competitive price.
Compact Design Horn Loudspeaker  (YS100-3A)
80W/ 100W horn loudspeaker YS100-3A is a high performance speaker with compact size.
Alarm Speaker (YS-100G)
Compact design, it's small, but loud sound.
3 or 5 sound Siren Speaker (YL116)
The siren speaker YL116 is one of the most popular speaker for emergency vehicle, it has 3 or 5 sound for your choice.